Security and Agility for your cargo

FAXE CARGO is specialized in road freight transportation, meeting the needs of the market, structured to offer logistical support to importers and exporters.

Faxe Cargo
  • Operation in Guarulhos and Viracopos Airports, the Port of Santos and Customs Warehouses.
  • New fleet of high standard vehicles, diversified, equipped with the utmost technology accessories.
  • Insurance policy, Tracking, Risk Management, Convoy

FAXE CARGO has the following authorizations:

Transit Customs - Qualification by current standards of the Internal Revenue Service to TNTN (National Carrier of Customs Transit) and TRTA (Disclaimer for Customs Transit)

Licenses of ANVISA - Transport of drugs and related items, health products, cosmetics, food, cleaning products

We also work with:

Released Load - Staff trained to check documents and goods. Adequate fleet to customer requirements.

Reefer (refrigerated goods) - Vehicles for the transport of goods requiring temperature control (from 0 to 30 degrees). Vehicles equipped with data-logger in the cargo hold. Temperature Report provided to the customer upon delivery. Temperature monitoring, performing dry ice and batteries changes when necessary. Pharmaceutical responsible employed by the company as responding as the Technical Responsible for ANVISA.