The Commercial Invoice: the beginning of the trade process

The Commercial Invoice formalises the negotiation to take place. With it, FAXE provides for you all the tributary and administrative study that will be applied in its operation, thus the invoice must contain all information determined by the Customs Regulations (Decree 6.759 of 05/02/2009), in its article 557 (

It is about necessary information for the RFB (Taxes Authorities) and other involved authorities, to have conditions to supervise the goods or services being imported or exported. Some mandatory information are:

  • Full details of the importer and the exporter;
  • Specification of goods in Portuguese;
  • Identification of volumes, gross weight and net weight ;
  • Countries of origin, acquisition and departure;
  • Unit price, total price, transportation cost;
  • Conditions and currency of payment;
  • Sale condition Statement - INCOTERM (International Commercial Terms)

The Commercial Invoice is a required form for the customs clearance. It is a document that can produce legal effects required by law to legitimate a commercial operation, and its correct completion does avoid many problems.

There are other documents accompanying the customs clearance of a process of import / export as the Packing List, the International Bill of Lading and other eventually requested (Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Analysis, Technical Catalogs , etc).

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