On Clinical Research Import, count on the expertise of those who have solid experience

FAXE deeply knows the general flow of the import process, its main stages and all documents involved. We have all the essential information on taxes and fees related to the import of material for Clinical Research.

  • Team of experts in the release of imports subject to inspection by ANVISA
  • Accurate cost prediction;
  • Constant monitoring of the status of the LI's approval.
  • Advance payment of GVS / GRU (for ANVISA inspection)
  • Monitoring and advice for forms and documents completion
  • On delivery of the goods, costs statement is issued and sent with the original documents and LI extract.


We highlight the importance of proper preparation of documentation when the material to be imported is still abroad. The correct preparation of documents is the main stage for a smooth conduction of the clearance process in ports and airports in Brazil. Our customers rely on our experience and responsibility to carry out their imports.

Do not hesitate to contact us for accurate information.