Cost Forecast

Only those who know Foreign Trade very well can offer an accurate cost forecast for you to schedule your import and/or export.

The costs of Foreign Trade activities can be very relevant when deciding to do business. FAXE Customs Brokerage can help you calculate these costs accurately. These costs include:

  • I.I., I.P.I., Cofins, P.I.S., I.C.M.S. taxes, calculated by SISCOMEX at the time of registration of the Import Declaration (DI). These taxes vary according to the merchandise, its origin, its destination in Brazil. There are exemptions, agreements and protection of the internal market;
  • Insurance, freight, deconsolidation, release of BL that vary according to foreign currency exchange;
  • Storage, foremanship, and other operations at Brazilian ports and airports, which vary according to the type of freight and insurance;
  • Consents Bodies;
  • Customs clearance which may vary depending on the type of assistance you need.

When importing for Clinical Research, count on the expertise of those who have been working for over 22 years in the segment.

FAXE Assessoria deeply understands the general flow of the import process, its main steps and documents involved. We have all the essential information about taxes and fees related to material import for Clinical Trials.

  • Team of specialists in the release of imports subject to inspection by MoH/ANVISA
  • Accurate cost forecast;
  • Constant monitoring of LI's status;
  • Advance payment of GVS/GRU;
  • Monitoring and assistance for filling out guides and forms;
  • Upon delivery of the goods, issuing the cost statement and sending the original documents and the LI statement.

We emphasize the importance of the correct preparation of documentation when the material to be imported is still abroad. The correct preparation of documents is the main step for the smooth progress of the clearance process in ports and airports in Brazil. Our customers rely on our experience and responsibility to carry out their imports.

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