Process coordination: from shipping to delivery of goods

  • Completion of documentation;
  • Importer analysis;
  • Cost forecasting;
  • Consents.

Our analysts have the experience and expertise to assist you in all import phases.

Process Coordination

From the verification of the invoice to the delivery of the goods, FAXE Customs Brokerage monitors the entire import or export process. Our analysts are prepared to correctly fill in the documents, as they know the legislation in depth and pay attention to each particularity of the items that make up your negotiation.

  • Accurate cost forecasting, including import taxes, deconsolidation, warehousing, road transport;
  • Correct completion of the Import License (pro-forma.);
  • Advance payment of GVS/GRUs, monitoring of the status of LIs, monitoring of consent bodies;
  • Registration of DI's;
  • Monitoring of air or sea transport, until the release of the BL or Deconsolidation of the cargo;
  • Monitoring of primary and secondary storage;
  • Monitoring of inspections;
  • Road transport and delivery of goods.
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