Customized solutions for your needs

We at FAXE Customs Brokerage Advisor understand that the needs of our Clients are unique. We adapt our ADVISORY SERVICES IN FOREIGN TRADE for each situation. We offer a service of high quality and specialization, which fully meets the demands of our customers and the market, relying on our agility, expertise and excellent value for money:

  • Registration of the company with the Federal Revenue (RADAR), so to become an importer and/or exporter;
  • Contact with importers/exporters for instructions and process follow-up;
  • Negotiation and contracting of international freight;
  • Exchange closing;
  • HTS Tariff classification of the goods to be imported/exported;
  • Issuance of LI (Import License) and DI (Import Declaration); Issuance of DUE (Record of Export and Request for Dispatch);
  • Daily follow-up on the progress of the process;
  • Consulting for tax incentives;
  • Economic feasibility study, presenting an estimated cost spreadsheet.

Process coordination

Complete control of the entire workflow, filling out documentations, cargo arrival, storage, clearance and delivery...

The commercial invoice in detail

Analysts prepared to assist you which information should be included in the Commercial Invoice to register the DI`s...

Cost Forecast

Analysts prepared to estimate you of all process costs...

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